Backcountry Research Tube/Tool Straps

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If you like things minimal and tidy, these straps will stash a tube, inflator, and co2's either on your frame or tucked into your seat rails. Dropper post compatible.
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"Minimalist" is the keyword here. Test riders who liked the Mutherload most preferred to carry as little as possible. There is more to this little gizmo than meets the eye. First of all, once you tuck a tube into the shock-cord loops, you can add a couple of tire tools to the bundle by slipping them between the tube and strap. Rubber tubing on the elastic shock cords grips the frame to secure your spares, and the strap tension is exceptional. Without pockets, Mutherload is best limited to items, long and slender enough to be secured by a single strap - like a pair of tire levers, or a single item like a multi tool, a plug kit, or a CO2 and filler snugly screwed together.

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