Chromag Trailmaster LTD Leather

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Flat out the best, most comfortable, and most popular saddle in the mountain bike industry. Buy one for every bike, your ass will thank you.
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So, aside from the fact that it just worked for us, what leads us to think it’s a viable option for most people? Pretty simple really. The biggest thing is the wider, more padded nose area with a relief in the shell. The Trailmaster is also cut a bit wider at the tail and offers a bit of curvature at the back of the saddle. Both of those features were really nice while climbing. On techy bits, the soft/wide nose made it easier to get up over the front of the saddle. During long climbs the wider tail was nice for shifting around to get some relief. Another noteworthy mention is that the smooth, rounded off edges never snagged our shorts and didn’t spook or poke us when we found ourselves in less than ideal positions above the bike. Great design all around.


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