Chromag Wax Grips

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If you've recently transitioned from BMX, or just want the most plush yet narrow grip and a flange, the Wax is for you. By ditching the solid inner core of a lock-on, the Wax offers a thin profile, durability, and comfort. Glue or moto-tie in place.
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The Wax Grip is designed for riders who want the cushion and feel of an ‘all rubber’ grip (without plastic core). At 150mm, the Wax Grip is extra wide for lots of hand position leeway. It features a small flange on the inside.

On the outside there is no change in diameter so as not to impede hands moving on-and-off the grips. Our special polymer is soft and tacky. The ribbed pattern is designed for a balance of cushion and control with a progressive increase in density towards the outside of the grip.

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