Wheelset: Nox Farlow/Industry Nine Hydra

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Hand built here at Harpers, with rims and hubs from the local area. Both NOX and Industry Nine are among our favorite industry partners, both because of their proximity and their pursuit of the most excellent products. These will change your bike.
Out of stock

Average lead time on wheelsets is less than two weeks from order to first ride.

NOX Composites Farlow ~ This is what we all ride, on nearly all of our bikes. Stiff and tough enough for Windrock DH runs, yet light and nimble enough for XC racing. Among us, our ambassadors, and customers, we've collectively put countless hours on these rims, and we've got nothing but good things to say about our West Knoxville neighbors and their world class rims.

Industry Nine Hydra Hubs ~ It's been well over a decade since we laced up our first set of I9's and few products have performed and held up as well to the Harper's wrecking crew as I9 hubs. Lighting fast engagement, XC racing light, and tough enough for our most destructive peeps. Throw in that they're Handbuilt in Asheville, USA and this is the wheelset combination.

We'll be contacting you after your order is placed for some more information on frame spacing, drivetrain, brakes, and rim decal colors.

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